Concept Behind Bluetooth

Concept Behind Bluetooth

To Answer that Question first we have to understand what is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a device which has two parts one is software and Other is Hardware.
It is used for sharing files in wireless mode, Prior to Bluetooth we share the files through Wire. So Bluetooth is a wireless connection.
Here Files means anything it can be picture, movie, audio etc.
When we say sharing files let’s think about what are the processes to share a file.
Step 1. To share file first step is Bluetooth has to know who is Sender and who is receiver. so it's need a Source and a destination to work with.
Step 2: Identify the File to share, File is nothing but documents store in your memory i.e hard-disk of your Phone or Computer.
Each document has a particular MIME type by which we can understand what kind of documents it is i.e.  Picture, Video, Audio or Text.

Step3:  Transmit the selected Files in the Air. This is most challenging step, as we need to send file contents in the air.
So if a File contains " I am a good boy" text it has to send somehow in the Air. The technique is used to send files is
signal. Signal is nothing but Steam of bits that is 1 or 0 combination and send in a certain frequency.

As you know in Digital world everything should be either 1 or 0 , series of 1/0 (pattern)identify a element.
Let’s say: I represent as 0001 in Digital world
A: 0002 and M: 0003
So,” I AM " phrase transmitted as 0001 0002 0003-byte stream.

Bluetooth software takes care of this Transformation. Document form to Signal form and send the Signal.

Step 4: Now it is work for Other party that means the Destination to receive the signal.  Frequency is needed so two party can communicate through a certain channel. Now Destination Bluetooth Software receives the signal and again transform to 

Here Reverse process is happening 
i.e. 0001 -> I 0002->A 0003->M

then send the files to Hardware so it can store it or do certain action on this file.

So in Bluetooth perspective
Step 1. Each device must have the Bluetooth device.
Step2: Bluetooth Sender Identify the destination and paired with him through Piconet .
Step3: Send the Files as Signal by Bluetooth Software.
Step 4: Bluetooth Receiver receives the Signal.
Step 5: Bluetooth software again Transform signal to document form
Step 6. Store it in to Bluetooth Hardware. Or take action on it.

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